Wildwood is a port town encircled by a range of mighty mountains called “Wild Mountain.” The time period is 1910-ish. Technology is simple and the adventures are to be found in every direction. All of the “People” in Paws & Tales are animals. Bears, beavers, moose and weasels to name a few. “The Club” consists of five third graders who simply cannot agree on a name for this club, so it continues to be called simply “The Club.” The official membership includes C.J., Staci, Ned, Marsha, and Gooz.

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Paw Paw Chuck is a grizzly who is the main mentor/grandfather of the town but especially the members of “The Club.” He is gigantic, wise, a lot of fun. The kids love to go to him with their troubles and when they need anything fixed.

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Fix-it shop inside
Fix-it shop
Big house
Big house inside
Wildwood elementary
Train station