Tools for Parents: September 2020

September 5, “Goliath”

Lesson 28: We Are New Creatures in Christ

Handyman, teacher, mentor and friend—Paw Paw Chuck is all of these things to the kids in the club. But will all that change when they find out who Paw Paw Chuck used to be?

“Revealing your past”

David Carl writes, “I must be real with my kids. Once they reach a certain level of maturity, it is no longer good for them to hold an idealized image of me. If my kids believe that I have never felt what they feel, never feared what they fear, or have never failed as they will surely fail, a deep and wide crevasse will form between our hearts. . . . Instead, they desperately need me to provide wise and practical advice earned from my life experiences.” Discover why it is essential to tell your kids the truth about your past in this week’s Director’s Notes.
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September 12, “Shadow Valley, Part 1”

Lesson 59: The Promise of Sin Is a Lie

Paw Paw Chuck reveals the next chapter in the story of his life before coming to know Jesus. His reputation as Goliath grows as he viciously fights back bandits on Wild Mountain. But facing an ambush and certain death, he is given an offer too good to refuse: a chance to escape and be ruler over his own army in a place called “Shadow Valley”!

“Beware: spiritual quicksand”

David Carl writes, “Yes, there is pleasure in sin. What is in the fine print, so to speak, is the price. It is always more than we could have imagined. We may steal and become rich, but we will never have the peace and well-being we thought it would bring. Instead, we become consumed ourselves with keeping others from stealing it from us. The thing we sinned to possess now possesses us.” Discover how sin traps like quicksand in this week’s Director’s Notes.
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September 19, “Shadow Valley, Part 2”

Lesson 60: God Is Always with Us

Goliath finds his way in the strange land he now rules! The story of how Paw Paw Chuck came to know Christ continues. This week, Goliath meets Ava, a crazy yet seemingly wise woman who lives in a tower in the castle. She tells Goliath something that could change his life, but can she be trusted?

“A strange and twisted hope”

David Carl writes, “The simple truth is, there are some sins that carry greater consequences than others. Some sins trap us so deeply we cannot get ourselves out. While trapped, we often hold a strange and twisted hope that may keep us from realizing just how bad our situation really is. As long as we cling to this false hope, it will keep us from repenting and coming to God for forgiveness.” Discover how clinging to a false hope can trap us in sin in this week’s Director’s Notes.
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September 26, “Shadow Valley, Part 3”

Lesson 61: Showing Mercy

When an attempt to show mercy causes his enemies to rise up against him, King Goliath becomes a fugitive in his own land. His only hope of survival is to somehow escape from Shadow Valley!

“Healing from the outside in”

David Carl writes, “A tender heart is required to survey one’s own soul and admit it is a garbage dump. The irony is that often a tender heart cannot rise to accept the forgiveness and healing that is offered by our Savior. . . . If our physical body is damaged, it has some ability to heal itself. Our souls, on the other hand, have no such capacity. We have the ability to harm or malnourish our souls, but healing for them comes from a place outside ourselves.” Discover how God heals our souls in this week’s Director’s Notes.
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