Tools for Parents: June 2021

June 5, “The Scarlet Stain”

Lesson 24: Repentance

A defiant Ned trespasses into an abandoned mine looking for gold. But what he finds there is more than he planned on! Now the results of Ned’s sin are growing out of control and begin to affect his friends. Will Ned, C.J., Staci, and Gooz do the right thing before the Scarlet Stain spreads?

Death and taxes

Benjamin Franklin is credited for the saying, "In this world nothing is certain but death and taxes." Of course there are some who try to cheat both. As Christians, we fight a cognitive battle to stay honest even though we know there are times we could fudge the truth a little without anyone knowing. And when it comes to our money, we are highly motivated to hold on to what little we’ve got. This week, David Carl explains how when it comes to taxes and death, cheating on one leads to the other.

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June 12, “If the Tooth Be Known”

Lesson 25: God Frees Us from Our Fears

Opening night of Miss Harbor’s new play is just days away, but the star is sick! Or is he? Staci and Marsha do their best to cure him, but C.J.’s real problem is fear. Will he find the real remedy in time to save the play?

Fear or faith

"There is much in the world to make us afraid. There is much more in our faith to make us unafraid." Frederick W. Cropp’s quotation helps remind us of the tremendous comfort that a relationship with Christ provides. So why do we still allow fears and anxiety to stop us cold? In this week’s Director’s Notes, David Carl explains that it isn’t usually the big things that keep us immobilized by fear. All too often, we allow the small things to keep us from growing in Christlikeness.

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June 19, “The Grecian Urn”

Lesson 26: The Value of Honesty

Ned and C.J. break something in the Collins Mansion. Instead of confessing and asking for forgiveness, they deceitfully try to hide the evidence. Now, what should have been a small matter becomes a volcano in the hands of Mrs. Collins’ sister, Eunice McGruff!

The Butterfly Effect

In 1960, American mathematician Edward Lorenz published a paper in which he suggested that minute variations in initial weather variables could result in grossly divergent weather patterns over time. In other words, a butterfly flapping its wings in Japan could cause a tornado in California. The idea became the foundation of “Chaos Theory,” and his example was coined as The Butterfly Effect. It might seem particularly absurd that something of little consequence like a butterfly’s flapping wings could have such a great effect. But David Carl explains that when it comes to the spiritual realm, a tiny sin can easily ripple into a tidal wave.

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June 26, “The Gift”

Lesson 27: God Has Given Us Gifts

C.J. and Ned see Hugh and his gang committing a crime, and C.J. alerts the authorities. But Hugh discovers that C.J. turned him in and wants revenge! Now the club must protect one another from Hugh and his cronies. In his weakest moment, C.J. discovers he has a gift that could have come only from God.

Gift or curse?

Have you ever received a gift that later became something of a curse? Many people play the lottery hoping a big win will provide them financial security and happiness. But various studies over the years show that unplanned windfalls can bring other complications, and winners typically experience no greater happiness than they had before their wins. Conversely, perhaps you have known someone whose disabilities or setbacks have become a true gift to them or to those who know them. This week David Carl explains how God can turn the unexpected things into wonderful gifts.

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