Tools for Parents: December 2019

December 7, “Every Good Thing”

Lesson 42: Learning to Give Thanks for the Gift and the Giver

During the school gift exchange, Miss Harbor challenges her class not just to appreciate the gift, but spend time being thankful for the giver. Through her challenge, The Club poignantly discovers the depth of God’s love for us.

Unclaimed treasure?

Perhaps you’ve heard the news about the hundreds of thousands of dollars in refunds, tax credits, and rebates that go unclaimed by folks each year. It’s hard to believe. After all, why would anyone turn down free money—especially money that is owed them? This week’s Director’s Notes draws our attention to unclaimed gifts of a different kind. Is there an unclaimed gift out there with your name on it?

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December 14, “The Road to Christmas”

Lesson 43: Jesus Came That We Might Have an Abundant Life

On the way to perform their Christmas pageant in Modesty, The Club, Paw Paw Chuck, and Miss Harbor run into an unexpected delay. Forced to seek shelter in a hillside home, the group helps a man and his son find healing, restoration, and a reason to have the Christmas spirit.

You’re being robbed!

Are roots of bitterness choking your joy? Are unresolved conflicts or deep-seated griefs stealing the abundant life Christ promises us? This week’s Director’s Notes shines light on the robbers in our midst, the thieves of peace and contentment in the Lord. Discover how God uses others to help us heal from our hurts and arrest those thoughts that would steal away the life Jesus came to give us.

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December 21, “The Perfect Christmas Gift”

Lesson 15: Christmas Is about Jesus

Just days before Christmas, a mysterious illness spreads through the town sapping everyone of their strength and their hopes of winning the big Christmas decorating contest. With only hours before the judges arrive, can The Club find a way to save Christmas or has everyone been making Christmas something it’s not?

You’re invited to a gift exchange

You probably get several invitations in the mail this time of year. Office parties, Christmas tree lightings, church pageants, and chances to see family and friends are all a part of the holidays. But did you know that you are invited to a very special gift exchange—one unlike any you will attend this year? This week’s Director’s Notes challenges us to think of Christmas in a new way and exchange the junk we think is precious for the gifts God has for us instead.

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December 28, “The Hullabaloo at Hunker Hill”

Lesson 21: Forgiveness

Hugh brags that his soapbox derby car is faster than Staci’s and dares her to try it out. Never one to back away from a challenge, Staci takes Hugh’s car for a spin . . . a spin that turns into disaster at the bottom of Hunker Hill! Now The Club must decide whether to seek revenge or to forgive.

Lower your blood pressure—forgive me!

A recent study in the Yale Journal for Humanities in Medicine directly linked the act of withholding forgiveness to a host of medical conditions, including an increase in blood pressure, anxiety, paranoia, depression, and an increased incidence of heart disease. Conversely, those who regularly forgave themselves or others saw numerous health benefits. The conclusion of the study was that forgiveness is healthy. Well, duh! This week David Carl explores the many benefits of forgiveness to one’s spiritual health.

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