Tools for Parents: February 2021

February 6, “Correction Course”

Lesson 7: Obedience

When The Club misbehaves in the Collins Mansion, Paw Paw Chuck has to give them all a good scolding. But when his warning goes unheeded, the kids learn the dangerous consequences of their actions.

Responding to correction

David Carl writes, “We must listen to those who correct us. . . . A child who does not learn to accept correction may one day turn into the second-most dangerous person in the world—a teenage kid who says, ‘No one tells me what to do!’ He may then become the most dangerous person in the world—an adult who says the same thing. The future for this kind of fool holds much unnecessary suffering and destruction.” Discover how the proper response to correction is critical in the Director’s Notes section of the Tools for Parents.

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February 13, “A Closer Look”

Lesson 8: Using the Gifts God’s Given Us

After losing all confidence in her ability to do anything well, Staci is given a mysterious gift that just may change the way she thinks of herself forever.

All good gifts

David Carl writes, “Each of us has truly been gifted by God. What may come as a surprise to many is that He didn’t give us these gifts to use just for ourselves. This misunderstanding creates confusion and disillusionment in the whole area of gifts. If we use them only for our glory, things tend to go wrong—sometimes very wrong.” Read about the valuable gifts God gives in the Director’s Notes section of the Tools for Parents.

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February 20, “God with the Wind”

Lesson 9: Knowing God by His Creation

Wally Wickett, a new friend, thinks you can’t believe in something you can’t see . . . including God! But on a campout on Wild Mountain with Paw Paw Chuck and The Club, Wally sees first-hand that some things may be invisible but very real.

Science and truth

David Carl writes, “As Christians, we never have to shy away from the facts. We have truth on our side. We have answers to the questions of science, if only we are prepared. Science will never disprove any truth.” Read about how God uses His creation to reveal Himself in the Director’s Notes section of the Tools for Parents.

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February 27, “The Lighthouse”

Lesson 10: Our Conscience Is from God

C.J. has a job! He is filling in for the injured keeper of the lighthouse. But if he doesn’t start taking it more seriously, a ship full of sailors might not make it to port—ever!

Here’s some really bad advice

Have you ever gotten bad advice—just really rotten guidance that sounded great at first but led to you making a mess of things? Did you stop taking tips from that “advisor”? There are those out there who suggest that we shouldn’t pay taxes, in order to lodge a protest against governmental waste. Now that’s just plain bad advice, yet there are those who follow it. This week’s Director’s Notes section of the Tools for Parents reveals the identity of an advisor that wants to destroy us, but keeps us coming back for more!

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