Tools for Parents: October 2019

October 5, “The Honey Buzz Principle”

Lesson 12: Greed Steals Our Joy

After finding a beehive that makes the world’s best honey, C.J. goes into business and finds he hasn’t the time for anyone or anything that doesn’t make him more money!

The love of money

David Carl writes, “Money is a tough subject. . . . There is nothing inherently wrong with money or even with having a lot of it. Clearly there is nothing evil about a coin or a piece of paper in and of itself. Our attitudes toward money are a spiritual matter. It is difficult, very difficult, to keep money from becoming too important in our lives.” Discover the impact of the love of money in this week’s Director’s Notes.

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October 12, “Snake Oil”

Lesson 13: Becoming a Disciple of Christ

The slick traveling salesman, Dr. Theron, promises to teach C.J. the secrets of success and fame. But C.J. must decide whom he wants to follow more, “the good doctor” or “The Good Shepherd.”


David Carl writes, “Choice is an amazing power—a “super power,” if you will. With it we can change our fate and affect the lives of everyone around us. Why God gave us such power is a mystery. It is part of our jobs as parents and teachers to instruct our kids on the use of this power, not to withhold it from them.” Read about how valuable it is to give children the opportunity to make godly choices in this week’s Director’s Notes.

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October 19, “The Great Go-Cart Race”

Lesson 14: Cooperation

The big go-cart race is coming up. But without teamwork, The Club discovers just how hard it is to be on the winning team.

I did it my way

David Carl writes, “Cooperation is pretty hard, but obtaining unity is extremely difficult. Christians are not just called to cooperate; we are commanded to achieve unity. I think it is fair to say that the abundant life Christ came to give us cannot be had without community and unity with other believers. The peace, the end of loneliness for our souls, humility, and the transformation of our lives through spiritual growth cannot occur without the scrutiny and care of fellow believers.” In this week’s Director’s Notes, David Carl points out the blind spots in the “I did it my way” attitude.

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October 26, “Hold the Anchovies”

Lesson 16: Obedience

C.J.’s in a pickle. He knows God wants him to do something he doesn’t want to do. Captain Gus reminds C.J. of the story of what happened to someone in a similar situation—someone named Jonah!

Because I said so

As a kid, did your mother ever use “because I said so” as a reason for demanding action? It wasn’t a particularly clever or compelling argument, and yet, her authority was unquestionable. Whether you liked it or not, if she said to do it, it got done . . . or there were consequences. Funny how things aren’t much different as grownups having to answer to a boss. This week’s Director’s Notes reveal one of the Bible’s most extreme “because I said so” moments.

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