Tools for Parents: June 2022

June 4, “High Noon”

Lesson 4: Overcoming Fear

The town bully, Hugh McClaw, has warned The Club his cousin Joey is coming to town for a visit, and they have plans to make trouble for The Club. They just might even take over the clubhouse and make it their own!

“What to do about fear”

David Carl writes, “To minimize someone’s fear, whether he is a child or an adult, is to shame him. We should never shame anyone—ever. We can help to dispel the fear or perhaps prove that fear can be overcome, but we should never dismiss or shame someone who is afraid. It is not only ineffective; it’s damaging.” Discover the steps to dealing with fear in this week’s Director’s Notes.

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June 11, “The Princess”

Lesson 5: Prayer

Staci wishes that she were a princess so she could help others who are in need. She soon learns that every Christian has the King as their Father and that our prayers to Him make a difference in ways we cannot even imagine!

“The mysteries of prayer”

David Carl writes, “Certain things will happen only after they have been prayed for. For example, in James 1:5–7 it is clear that God will give us wisdom when we ask for it. The logic then is that if we do not ask it of Him, we will not receive it from Him. This flow of logic leads us into the nature of prayer, which is where the mystery begins.” Discover the mysteries of prayer in this week’s Director’s Notes.

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June 18, “Standing Alone”

Lesson 6: Standing Up for Truth

C.J.’s dad, Theo, is in for the legal battle of his life. As he struggles to do the right thing, he discovers that not only does the whole town want him to give up—so does C.J.!

“Truth defenders”

David Carl writes, “When I’m tired, confused, and feel like giving up, I think about what my dad would do in the situation. My dad never gave up. He finished things he started. When I am at my best, I follow his example. If my dad had been a quitter and a dishonorable man, that would have been my example and guide. We fathers must start thinking less of ourselves and live our lives according to the knowledge of the impact our actions will have on the next two generations.” Read about standing up for truth in this week’s Director’s Notes.

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June 25, “Correction Course”

Lesson 7: Obedience

When The Club misbehaves in the Collins Mansion, Paw Paw Chuck has to give them all a good scolding. But when his warning goes unheeded, the kids learn the dangerous consequences of their actions.

Responding to correction

David Carl writes, “We must listen to those who correct us. . . . A child who does not learn to accept correction may one day turn into the second-most dangerous person in the world—a teenage kid who says, ‘No one tells me what to do!’ He may then become the most dangerous person in the world—an adult who says the same thing. The future for this kind of fool holds much unnecessary suffering and destruction.” Discover how the proper response to correction is critical in the Director’s Notes section of the Tools for Parents.

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