Tools for Parents: November 2020

November 7, “The Story of Saul, Part 3”

Lesson 66: Avoiding Distractions When Doing God’s Will

“A storm of destruction is coming—and King Saul doesn’t see it.” When Saul hears the words of his advisors more loudly than the direction of the Lord, his distraction threatens to destroy an entire nation.

“A vital U-turn”

David Carl writes, “As I ponder the story of King Saul, I am burdened by the fact that he is not an aberration. He was exactly the way people will naturally become unless they focus on God . . . King Saul was “normal,” but he was not what he should have been. . . . Unless we do something unusual, even radical . . . unless we make God the center of our universe and refuse to give in to despair and distraction, we will, with certainty, experience a universe of our own making.” Read about making an essential U-turn in this week’s Director’s Notes.

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November 14, “The Story of Saul, Part 4”

Lesson 67: Getting Back on Track When You Fail

King Saul’s victories on the battlefield lead his nation to prosperity, but when he refuses to obey Samuel’s instruction, Saul pays a great price. God directs Samuel to select for Israel a new king, a man after God’s own heart.

“Neither hot nor cold . . .”

David Carl writes, “It occurred to me while studying the story of King Saul that he is the embodiment of the lukewarm believer. Now I realize the very term lukewarm is a New Testament phrase, but there were lukewarm believers long before John coined the phrase, and their numbers have only increased since. . . . King Saul wanted to be close enough to God to use Him. And that is why I believe being lukewarm is so uniquely odious to God.” Discover why being neither hot nor cold is a terrible place to be in this week’s Director’s Notes.

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November 21, “Let There Be More, Part 1”

Lesson 68: Desiring God

A trip to a huge abandoned factory turns into an adventure in discovery for C.J. and Ned. There are more machines than they can count! But instead of sharing in their enthusiasm, the new owner wishes they had never come. Meanwhile, the girls learn that some Christians settle for less than God’s best.

“Less is more”

David Carl writes, “We want about twice what we have right now. We want twice the money and twice the peace. We certainly want twice the comfort, and we want things to be twice as good as they are now. But God wants us to have something altogether different. He wants us to become something altogether different from what we are now.” In this week’s Director’s Notes, David Carl reveals a disturbing truth about most Christians.

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November 28, “True Riches”

Lesson 41: Counting Our Blessings (Christmas Episode)

When gifts begin to mysteriously appear on doorsteps all over Wildwood, Ned and Tiffany join forces to reveal the identity of the “Christmas Gift-Giving Bandit.” What they discover is a special lesson in God’s goodness and in counting His blessings.

“The gift that keeps us giving”

Have you ever received a gift that required you to put so much money into being able to enjoy it that you were better off never receiving it in the first place? Anyone who has spent hundreds of dollars refilling things labeled “batteries not included” will tell you . . . sometimes it really is better to give than to receive! Can you ever imagine a gift that could actually make you glad to give more? This wonderful paradox is at the heart of this week’s Director’s Notes. Discover a gift God gives us that demands a generous response.

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