Tools for Parents: November 2019

November 2, “A Conscious Effort”

Lesson 17: Your Sin Will Find You Out

Staci’s new toy goes missing and only C.J. knows the truth, but he’s not telling . . . that is, until he hears a familiar tune.

Fear factor

Have you ever made a list of things you want to accomplish before you die? For some, all that keeps them from checking off items on their list is fear. It is a particularly powerful immobilizing force. Lose the fear, and there’s seemingly no limit to what can be accomplished. This week, Dave Carl suggests that some people may use fear to keep them from doing the wrong thing, but it’s best to lose that kind of fear as well.

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November 9, “Tiffany Cometh”

Lesson 18: Rebellion

Everyone is excited about Wildwood’s newest and richest student . . . everyone, that is, except Miss Harbor, who quickly realizes that Tiffany doesn’t want to play by anyone’s rules but her own.

Question authority

“Question authority.” It was the mantra of the 60s and emblematic of a generation that believed its government was lying to them. The only one a person could really trust, they said, was himself. Nearly half a century later, our culture still embraces and venerates the spirit of the rebel. But Dave Carl explains why a “question authority” attitude will ultimately send one spiraling out of control.

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November 16, “Staci’s Dilemma”

Lesson 19: Doing What Is Right

There’s been a robbery at Mr. Crawford’s general store. Staci thinks she saw the culprit but is warned by a mysterious visitor that if she knows what’s good for her, she’ll keep her mouth shut! Meanwhile, C.J. discovers the hard way that receiving God’s forgiveness isn’t hard at all.

Now go do the right thing

Talk show host Dr. Laura Schlessinger concludes each hour of her popular national call-in show with the challenge, “Now go do the right thing.” It’s good advice that often isn’t easy to follow. As callers to the program can attest, Dr. Laura’s recommendations for solving callers’ moral dilemmas are seldom easy or painless. In this week’s Director’s Notes David Carl explains why it’s important that there are sometimes tough consequences to doing the right thing and the eternal benefits of making the necessary sacrifices.

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November 23, “Blinded by the Sight”

Lesson 20: God Sees the Heart

Officer Hunt is on the case of a real “whodunit”! Gold and cargo have been stolen from Captain Reginald’s ship and Hunt must find the burglar. Did Officer Hunt arrest the right man, or will the real thief escape from justice with all the gold? Things aren’t as they seem in this Paws & Tales seaside caper.

God is watching us

Have you ever tried to hide from God? The very idea seems silly and yet we often try to live our lives hoping God is watching us “from a distance,” like the 90s Bette Midler hit suggests—or not at all. The truth is that God knows every facet of our hearts, warts and all. This week, David Carl explains why that is a very good thing and something that should cause us to run toward and not away from Him.

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November 30, “True Riches”

Lesson 41: Counting Our Blessings

When gifts begin to mysteriously appear on doorsteps all over Wildwood, Ned and Tiffany join forces to reveal the identity of the “Christmas Gift-Giving Bandit.” What they discover is a special lesson in God’s goodness and in counting His blessings.

The gift that keeps us giving

Have you ever received a gift that required you to put so much money into being able to enjoy it that you were better off never receiving it in the first place? Anyone who has spent hundreds of dollars refilling things labeled “batteries not included” will tell you . . . sometimes it really is better to give than to receive! Can you ever imagine a gift that could actually make you glad to give more? This wonderful paradox is at the heart of this week’s Director’s Notes. Discover a gift God gives us that demands a generous response.

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