Tools for Parents: May 2021

May 1, “Staci’s Dilemma”

Lesson 19: Doing What Is Right

There’s been a robbery at Mr. Crawford’s general store. Staci thinks she saw the culprit but is warned by a mysterious visitor that if she knows what’s good for her, she’ll keep her mouth shut! Meanwhile, C.J. discovers the hard way that receiving God’s forgiveness isn’t hard at all.

Now go do the right thing

Talk show host Dr. Laura Schlessinger concludes each hour of her popular national call-in show with the challenge, “Now go do the right thing.” It’s good advice that often isn’t easy to follow. As callers to the program can attest, Dr. Laura’s recommendations for solving callers’ moral dilemmas are seldom easy or painless. In this week’s Director’s Notes, David Carl explains why it’s important that there are sometimes tough consequences to doing the right thing and the eternal benefits of making the necessary sacrifices.

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May 8, “Blinded by the Sight”

Lesson 20: God Sees the Heart

Officer Hunt is on the case of a real “whodunit”! Gold and cargo have been stolen from Captain Reginald’s ship and Hunt must find the burglar. Did Officer Hunt arrest the right man, or will the real thief escape from justice with all the gold? Things aren’t as they seem in this Paws & Tales seaside caper.

God is watching us

Have you ever tried to hide from God? The very idea seems silly and yet we often try to live our lives hoping God is watching us “from a distance,” like the 90s Bette Midler hit suggests—or not at all. The truth is that God knows every facet of our hearts, warts and all. This week, David Carl explains why that is a very good thing and something that should cause us to run toward and not away from Him.

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May 15, “The Hullabaloo at Hunker Hill”

Lesson 21: Forgiveness

Hugh brags that his soapbox derby car is faster than Staci’s and dares her to try it out. Never one to back away from a challenge, Staci takes Hugh’s car for a spin . . . a spin that turns into disaster at the bottom of Hunker Hill! Now The Club must decide whether to seek revenge or to forgive.

Lower your blood pressure—forgive me!

A recent study in the Yale Journal for Humanities in Medicine directly linked the act of withholding forgiveness to a host of medical conditions, including an increase in blood pressure, anxiety, paranoia, depression, and an increased incidence of heart disease. Conversely, those who regularly forgave themselves or others saw numerous health benefits. The conclusion of the study was that forgiveness is healthy. Well, duh! This week David Carl explores the many benefits of forgiveness to one’s spiritual health.

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May 22, “A Pirate’s Life”

Lesson 22: Obeying the Rules

C.J. wants to run away from his problems . . . to any place where they don’t have rules. But he quickly discovers that running away from his problems just makes more problems . . . for himself and for others! Will C.J. be able to escape his new life in time to save his father?

Head over heels for rules

David Carl writes, “As a kid, I desperately wanted to be a gymnast. I longed to do handsprings and back flips. One day I was walking across my elementary school yard, and I was overcome with the desire to do a handspring. I ran forward and with total abandon I threw out my hands, aimed them at the ground in front of me, and . . . landed flat on my back gasping for air. I didn’t have the faintest notion of how to do a handspring. The rule of gravity would not be put on hold for a well-meaning but ignorant kid.” Read about the rules that limit and liberate us in this week’s Director’s Notes.

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May 29, “Plans In the Breaking”

Lesson 23: God Causes All Things to Work Together for Good

All they want to do is spend a day fishing at Blossom Lake, but Paw Paw Chuck and Staci are distracted at every turn. If God causes all things to work together for good, why is there no good in sight? Staci learns a valuable lesson about how God orders our every step to accomplish His will.

Out of control?

The baby spits up on your outfit, the car blows a tire, your friend gets sick and has to cancel meeting you for lunch. Everyone has bad days; you take it all in stride as just a trivial part of life. But what happens when things get serious? A loved one gets cancer, the bills start to pile up, or your child starts hanging out with the wrong crowd. Does it challenge what you know about God? In this week’s Director’s Notes, David Carl dispels the notion that life is random and reminds us that God is in control even when things seem out of it.

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