Tools for Parents: April 2021

April 3, “I’m a Believer”

Lesson 29: Easter Is a Time for Rejoicing

C.J. thinks he knows everything about Easter. He’s heard it all before. But he’s never experienced an Easter like this. Discover with C.J. what it means to be a true believer of Jesus Christ. Paws & Tales presents a very special Easter story for your whole family.

What wondrous love is this?

Nineteenth-century preacher, eminent scientist, and college president Alexander Means penned the words to this American folk hymn: “What wondrous love is this, O my soul? What wondrous love is this that caused the Lord of bliss to bear the dreadful curse for my soul!” “Wondrous” only begins to capture the enormity of God’s love for us. David Carl explains how such love can leave one struggling to find an appropriate response.

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April 10, “Hold the Anchovies”

Lesson 16: Obedience

C.J.’s in a pickle. He knows God wants him to do something he doesn’t want to do. Captain Gus reminds C.J. of the story of what happened to someone in a similar situation—someone named Jonah!

Because I said so

As a kid, did your mother ever use "because I said so" as a reason for demanding action? It wasn’t a particularly clever or compelling argument but her authority was unquestionable. Whether you liked it or not, if she said to do it, it got done . . . or there were consequences. Funny how things aren’t much different for grownups having to answer to a boss. This week’s Director’s Notes reveal one of the Bible’s most extreme "because I said so" moments.

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April 17, “A Conscious Effort”

Lesson 17: Your Sin Will Find You Out

Staci’s new toy goes missing and only C.J. knows the truth, but he’s not telling . . . that is, until he hears a familiar tune.

Fear factor

Have you ever made a list of things you want to accomplish before you die? For some, all that keeps them from checking off items on their list is fear. It is a particularly powerful immobilizing force. Lose the fear, and there’s seemingly no limit to what can be accomplished. This week, David Carl suggests that some people may use fear to keep them from doing the wrong thing, but it’s best to lose that kind of fear as well.

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April 24, “Tiffany Cometh”

Lesson 18: Rebellion

Everyone is excited about Wildwood’s newest and richest student . . . everyone, that is, except Miss Harbor, who quickly realizes that Tiffany doesn’t want to play by anyone’s rules but her own.

Question authority

It was the mantra of the 60s and emblematic of a generation that believed its government was lying to them. The only one a person could really trust, they said, was himself. Nearly half a century later, our culture still embraces and venerates the spirit of the rebel. But David Carl explains why a "question authority" attitude will ultimately send one spiraling out of control.

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