Brand-New Paws & Tales

With new episodes and a fresh look, we are putting biblical truth into the minds and hearts of a new generation. The world has changed. Attention spans have decreased as the busyness of life and the constant allure of technology fights for our family’s attention.

Insight for Living Ministries wants to come alongside parents to help them grow their children’s understanding of our Father’s amazing love and tender compassion.

Through the vibrant characters living in the imaginary world of Wildwood, we encourage children to “Imagine God’s Love” as we tell stories that families can listen to online, on their devices, and in the car.

Our children and grandchildren need safe, quality entertainment infused with biblical truth now more than ever.

Engaging the imagination is a powerful way to alter hearts and minds. Few things ignite our imaginations like a good story and winsome music. Paws & Tales artfully uses story and song to transport kids and their parents to Wildwood for adventure, mystery, and lots of laughter. Along the way, biblical truth is woven through every episode. Kids and adults need to know that God is crazy in love with His children. As we understand this truth, much of what God has planned for us comes into focus. While in Wildwood, we are invited to imagine, hear, and experience how much God loves us.

“Our hope at Insight for Living is that Paws & Tales will provide families with more opportunities to discuss the really important things in life. I can think of no better springboard for those meaningful conversations than through Paws & Tales.” —Chuck Swindoll

A Look into Creating Our New Episodes

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“Once you can accept that God is just crazy about you, everything in life becomes an invitation to sorta’ lay in the grass with God and look for bugs together.” —Paw Paw Chuck

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“I just wanted to share how much my kids love the Paws & Tales paws-cast! We discovered them and they are still on regular rotation around our house. The quality of production and writing is just second to none. I pray and hope you may be able to restart this wonderful resource for parents! We listen to children’s podcasts all the time, whether in the car or at breakfast, and would love to hear more about the crew in Wildwood.”
—A Paws & Tales Listener

Coming in Fall 2023

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